Film Review: Low Budget Thriller “Dark Asset”

dark asset 2023 - movie poster one sheetJohn (Byron Mann) is a handsome, self-confident man of action who finds himself in a hotel bar, trying to pick up the beautiful Jane (Helena Mattsson). To get her attention he hands her the keys to his Lamborghini, insisting that it’s now her car, not his, which she finds more peculiar than romantic. Dogged in his pursuit, John spins an elaborate tale of a secret research lab where super-soldiers are being created by a mad scientist implanting powerful chips into their brains. He has one of these chips in his own brain, he insists, and it’s given him super strength, super speed, and super intelligence.

It hasn’t, however, given him super believability and Jane remains highly skeptical. Still, he persists in his tale, talking about why he believes medical research scientist Dr. Cain (Robert Patrick) and his blonde femme fatale Vivian (Sabina Gadecki) are pursuing the super soldier project. He’s more than just a super soldier, however, he’s convinced he’s a super spy too. I mean, that Lamborghini came from somewhere, right? Fortunately, he doesn’t pull out a deck of cards to demonstrate his prowess at Baccarat.

But there’s a twist: John’s not the only chip-enhanced soldier from the project. He relates the story of some of the other super soldiers and their dangerous past missions. In the way of cinema, the scene dissolves to each soldiers in turn. Or are they assassins? There’s certainly a lot of violence in the film, though it gradually becomes obvious that all of their nefarious missions are related and are targeting the same villainous group: They’re out for justice and revenge after having been coerced into being test subjects, naturally!

dark asset 2023 - publicity still

John (Mann) reads up on other super soldiers, from “Dark Asset”

Dark Asset is a film that was never intended to make it to the local cineplex, though it’s quite competent in its cinematography and editing. The sets? Not so much. It’s no surprise that you’re never really pulled into the story. They’re actors portraying these roles and working off a script that was banal from the get-go but undoubtedly fun to produce.

This is a B-movie action film, but once you accept that, it’s actually quite entertaining, even if there are zero surprises as the story unfolds. If you love action films and have nothing in your queue, this might well be one to track down and watch, cocktail in hand.


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