I Was My Own Chauffeur in the 2022 Range Rover L460 Luxury SUV

Most people are familiar with the differentiation between budget, mid-range and luxury vehicles, but it turns out that there’s a tier or two above the standard luxury car in the marketplace. Supercars, for example, can have pricetags that exceed the value of most houses, and really high end ultra-luxury vehicles offer an extraordinary experience for drivers, but particularly for passengers. The fifth generation 2022 Range Rover “L460” is at this rarified level, the top of the line vehicle from Land Rover Jaguar. The Range Rover is also a relatively young brand with its first car introduced in 1970 when it was part of British Leyland.

Unlike most other manufacturers, Range Rover doesn’t have models. It has configurations. The L460 that I drove identifies as the P400, and it’s a delightful drive, an SUV that has all the best features of every other vehicle in its class and even some features that feel like they’re inspired by private jets or similar one-percent transportation. Here’s its curb appearance:

2022 range rover l460 - front exterior

It’s big. The configuration I had included a third row of seats, but it also has a refined and sophisticated front that’s far more stylish than its full size SUV rivals in the market. In fact, the exterior belies the plush and luxurious interior, though a close look at the door handles suggests this isn’t just Sport Ute as usual. In the above photo they’re recessed, flush with the body. Unlock the vehicle and they pop out, Tesla-style:

2022 range rover l460 - door handles

Notice the key hole hidden under the front driver’s door handle above too. “In case of emergency”, but not to worry, odds are good it’s your chauffeur will be figuring out how to get the vehicle unlocked. Indeed, there’s a chauffeur mode and features in the car. Not “valet” for valet parking, that’s so… gauche. But an actual driver.

If you did opt to drive it, the Range Rover has a great drive system that offers up quite a bit of power and a nimble road performance. The driver’s cockpit area is also elegant:

2022 range rover l460 - driver's compartment

Like many luxury vehicles, most of the controls are accessed through the infotainment system, and it’s a big, bright screen. The company’s also opted to keep its own controls on the sides of the main display: In the above you can see Apple CarPlay, but the left and right columns are all Range Rover, and quite convenient, without the need for rows of buttons or knobs.

The controls on the doors are interesting too. Every row has power seats with heaters and remote fold-down (I’ll show that in a moment), but they also have the kind of controls you’d expect in a limosine too:

2022 range rover l460 - rear door seat controls

You can turn on and off the seat heaters, raise a built-in shade for privacy (sorry, paparazzi) or to block the sun, adjust the seat, store a favorite setting in memory slots 1, 2, or 3, and even open and close the window. Truth be told, I’ve never seen so many controls and adjustments in the rear seats of any vehicle. Very nice, and your kids would love it.

There’s also an entirely acceptable amount of leg room, even with the driver’s seat pushed all the way back:

2022 range rover l460 - rear leg room

Notice the plush leather seats and materials used too. Very, very comfortable, regardless of which seat you’re in. This would be what you’d expect to be picked up in if you ordered an Uber Platinum or a luxe SUV limo. It’s hard to see above, but the front seats also have narrow fold-down arm rests that can be adjusted too, even though there’s a center console area. Pick your favorite for maximal comfort.

Moving back to the front, I was a bit surprised that the main gauge didn’t see to offer many options for what was displayed:

2022 range rover l460 - main gauge display

It’s entirely likely that there are ways to change the center display that I was unable to find in the week I had with the Range Rover L460, however, so that might be user error. Also notice that for a big, 7-seat SUV, it gets okay gas mileage, about 21mpg. Range Rover is rumored to have a PHEV coming out, and then a full EV, both over the next 12-18 months, which would address this problem, though at the cost of what I would expect would be a significantly higher price tag.

The vehicle featured wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, with the latter demonstrated in the below image:

2022 range rover l460 - apple carplay

Again, notice the left and right side bars, which are Range Rover features. The camera on the lower right was particularly helpful with its stitched-overview as you maneuver through tight spots or try to ensure you are perfectly centered in your parking spot. Of course, the steering wheel with the “P” icon offers up automatic parking if you want that, but really, if you have a driver, aren’t you going to expect her (or him) to be able to park the vehicle?

The following mode gives you a better hint at what sets the Range Rover apart, however:

2022 range rover l460 - seat folding chauffeur mode

From this screen you can fold the second and third row seats down with the tap of a single button, unfold them all, turn on the massage feature, adjust the headrests, even go into chauffeur mode. Chauffeur mode. Definitely not something I have in my compact SUV!

Stepping around to the back, it’s no surprise that the Range Rover is roomy and comfortable for the back passengers too:

2022 range rover l460 - hatch rear view interior

Eagle-eyed readers will note that the rear is a split hatch too, with about 70% going up and a lower shelf that drops and extends, offering a perfect seat for tailgating or a place to get your polo equipment ready before the big match. You can also raise or lower any one or all of the rear seats from a control on the rear right too, if you don’t want to get into the driver’s seat to use the infotainment controls. Handy.

With the back closed up, here’s the view from the rear of the vehicle:

2022 range rover l460 - rear exterior

That’s about it. This was a wonderful vehicle to drive for a week, comfortable in any situation, powerful enough to make accelerating to get onto the highway great fun, while smooth and quiet enough to have a quiet conversation as you zip along. The seats are very comfortable and the L460 bristles with smart features, including a double sunshade so you can both block the sun from your left and in front of you when driving at the beginning or end of the day. This is not a car for most people, but if you want to be in the lap of luxury and want to wow everyone in the pickup line at school, or you want an SUV that suits your one-percenter status in your neighborhood, then the 2022 Range Rover L460 – and its PHEV and EV brethren, coming soon – is one to check out closely.

This vehicle did not include information about its exactly configuration, however, so I cannot offer up specifics on engine size, optional features included, base price or as-driven price. I can say that the model that’s closest appears to be about $115,000. 

Disclosure: Range Rover loaned me the L460 for a week in return for this writeup. Thanks, Range Rover!


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